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Monday, January 28, 2013

Week of 1/14 - 1/20

Monday - Woke up at 195.8 pounds. After work I grabbed 4.07 cold, wet, fun miles in 42:29. It was 38 outside and had been raining all day. I almost got attacked by a large goose.

Tuesday - 195.8 again. Tried to run at the track since the park I have been running at tends to hold large puddles of water and it was a chilly 34 degrees when I go off. Unfortunately the synthetic rubber track also holds moisture, just not in puddles . Run was limited to half a mile barefoot, the. I threw on my Merrell trail gloves and attempted to keep going. It turns out that I'm spoiled to running barefoot and I could t manage but another mile in shoes... No goose attacks.

Wednesday - 194.7! No running, but we did take a "cheat hour" that night to shove as much Mexican food and Dairy Queen blizzard as possible into my stomach. I spent the remainder of the night feeling like total shit.

Thursday - The effects of cheating made themselves known! I was up to 195.1 and I felt absolutely terrible all day. My stomach was upset, I was tired, I had no energy, and although I wasn't hungry, I was craving bad food. Lesson learned here is that if I am going to cheat, I do not need to gorge myself on everything in sight.

Friday - 193.5, only .2 pounds to go until I'm at -10 pounds!

Saturday - 194.2? Somehow I went up almost a pound? No way! So to make up for it I went and ran 5.04 miles in 57:46. The first mile was at the new park, but it wasn't all that great so I went to my "home track" and finished up the last 4. It was also my little princess' 3rd birthday party (although her birthday is December 17th...) and I resisted the call of the cookie cake. I don't think that it's allowed, even in phase 3!

Sunday - 193........ 1!!!! I did it!!!! 10.2 pounds down in under 2 weeks!!! Awesome! I can already tell at this point that my weight loss is slowing quite a big. The next 10 will take longer than 2 weeks, that's for sure! I didn't do any running due to my father in law's father passing away and we had his funeral Sunday. RIP Denny, you will be missed.

I ended the week weak, just short of 10 miles... Bleh.... I was hoping to get in a 10 mile long run on Saturday or Sunday, but with family being in town and everything going on I was very thankful to have been able to get 5 in.

Luckily next weekend is pretty open. We have a birthday party to attend for my niece. That's it. I'm planning on at least a 10 mile long run either Saturday or Sunday, either or. I'm not picky!

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