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Monday, January 28, 2013

1/21 - 1/27

Had a pretty good week this week!

Monday - Waking weight was at 197.1, so a good bit higher than the week before. Ran 4.08 miles in 43:50 (10:44 pace) with an average Heart Rate of 151. My last mile was ran much much faster than the prior 3.

Tuesday - 194.0 waking weight. No running, but while I was stuck in a training class they brought in some Chick-Fil-A mini chicken breakfast biscuits. In case you live under a rock and have never tasted anything from Chick-Fil-A, I'll go ahead and fill you in. Their good... Ok, more like heavenly. I couldn't resist and I dove in head first, so yeah, I cheated. But it was sooooo worth it!!!

Wednesday - Woke up at 193.8, apparently my indulgence in the dark side the day before didn't make too big of a difference. Snatched 5.12 miles in 58:10 (11:22 pace) with an average HR of 149. Again my last mile was much faster than the rest.

Thursday - 194.4 in the morning. Grabbed another 5.10 miles after work in 57:19 (11:14 pace) with an average HR of 150. As per course, last mile was ran faster than the rest.

Friday - 192.2 upon waking up, not bad! Went for a short 1.07 mile run. Meant to go longer, but my calves were feeling a little tight so I cut it short. We were bringing the kids to gymnastics for a trial type of thing to see if they liked it that evening, so it was all good.

Saturday - 191.3 and didn't do shit all day! Just relaxed and enjoyed my family!!!

Sunday - Down to 191.1!!!! Only 21.1 left to go to hit goal weight... Geez! At least I'm down 12.2! Went for a nice long run after waking up. I love running early in the day. Things are peaceful and serene. Knocked out 13.1 miles in a sluggish 2:36:13.... Yeah, that's a 11:51 pace. I was almost crawling but I didn't care. I was out running long and exploring a new sub division their building off my favorite running road and startling herds of deer. It's amazing how quietly you run without shoes on, it's really like a stealthy ninja out on a mission. At least that's what I pretend sometimes.... Average HR was 141.

Now, why was I running so slow all week?

Maffetone Method!!!!

I'm back in the Maffetone camp again, and I couldn't be loving it any more! Ill make another post later on about the Maffetone method and why I've gone back to running slow again.

And to wrap things up, here's a pretty picture of what I got to look at on Sundays long run!

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