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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monthly mileage totals... Major suckage!!!

Warning, pathetic content ahead!

Just looked through my log book to see my monthly totals for the year, I threw up in my mouth a little.

January - 59.21 miles (tapering for Rocky Raccoon)
February - 68.45 miles (50 miles of which was in one run, so 18 training miles)
March - 60.95
April - 53.03
May - 29.31 (traveled for work, and worked a bunch of overtime. No time for running!)
June - 60.56
July - 51.41

Yuck! I was hoping to get my first 100 mile week in this year, but maybe I should focus on a 100 mile month first, geez!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ok, it was interesting!

Just got done. I decided to shoot for 10 miles on the way to the track. I figured I hadn't ran 10 miles in quite awhile, so it would be a good distance to shoot for and should burn about 2 hours.

I got 15.

At 10 miles I still felt good so I stopped and downed a bottle of water and decided to keep running. Around mile 11.5 or so it started to get a little difficult. I stopped to pee in the bathroom and everything was spinning and moving in and out. Very trippy! I ended up finishing in a little under 3 hours. And now I'm tired...

I tried taking a picture with my new panoramic picture app here's how it turned out. Not sure how it's going to look here though.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This should be interesting.

I wake up at 4:00 every morning to go to work (unless it's the weekend
and I'm either still slightly inebriated or hung over).

Today was no different... At first.

I got to work and big boss man (literally BIG! He still holds Texas
high school power lifting records, 14 years later...) tells me that I
will be working the night shift, 6:30PM - 7:00AM Friday night. That's
cool, I guess? I normally get off at 3:00 in the evenings, so I had
planned on getting in my normal "hot as balls" evening run in, maybe 5
or 6 miles or so.

Wait! Change of plans, I need to stay late tonight and still come in
tomorrow for the night shift.

Great! Less time away from work to worry about falling asleep!

So now it's 10:40PM Thursday night an d I need to stay up till around
5:00AM before going to sleep. So 25 hours of being awake.... Alone....
Tired.... And bored.

I think I'll try my hand at what I like to think of as "running while
really really tired in the middle of the night for a few hours because
I can't stay awake any other way and I need to learn how to do it
anyway" training.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week of 8/6 - 8/12. Damn batteries!!!!

Had a decent week this week.

Monday - Little cross training action. Ran 2.11 mile warm up in 18:39, then I grabbed my tire and did 130 yards of flips, 130 yards of forward sprints, 130 yards of backwards sprints. Twice. The first set was done in 4:24, second set took 4:42. Both were a bitch. I wrapped it all up with a 2.12 mile cool down for a total workout of 4.58 miles and 47:53.

Tuesday - 6.01 miles in 1:03:15 or a 10:32 pace. This run wasn't too bad feeling, it was around 100-101 outside, plus heat index, but for some reason I felt like a sack of hammered dog shit that night. I felt like I had over heated or something.

Wednesday - I worked late at work.

Thursday - 6.04 miles in 59:18, a 9:49 pace. It was 103 plus heat index this day, so much hotter than it was Tuesday. But I felt great the whole time! Strange how that works.... Must have been something I ate? Maybe? Maybe I was dehydrated? Who knows!

Friday - Cheerleading practice. My daughter is so cute!

Saturday - woke up early to get in a good run in on Hwy 421. Hoping for 10~15 miles. Got to the gas station and realize I left my Garmin at home ON THE CHARGER, so I drove back to get it. I then decided to just run at the track by my house. Things were going good, although I was in a slightly sour mood for having forgot my Garmin at first. The first 3 miles click by pretty good, then I realize I hadn't heard my Garmin in awhile, so I check it.... It's dead. WTF!!?!???? This totally killed the mood... I finished my lap and drove home Unsatisfied and upset. I only logged 3.47 miles in 33:40 (9:42 pace). Very disappointing.

Totals for the week were 20.10 miles, 3:24:06 and 2,908 calories.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week of 7/30 - 8/5

Last week was somewhat interesting. I tried a few new things that I enjoyed, mainly tire flipping. I hope to do some more tire workouts and make a post about it.

Here's how my week went down.

Monday - 1 mile warm up @ 10:00 pace, 30 tire flips, 130 yard sprints (X 3), 130 yard sprint backwards (X 1), 30 tire flips, 130 yard sprints (X 3), and another 130 yard sprint backwards.
-Pretty good workout! I was winded as I was only taking very small breaks, and I could feel the burn from the addition of tire flipping and backwards sprinting in my quads big time.

Tuesday - 4.25 miles in something around 40:30, not exactly sure on either distance or time as I had forgotten my Garmin at home for the second day in a row.... Grrrr...

Wednesday - another day with some new activities!!! I did 2.03 mile warm up in 19:13, then did something I haven't done since I was a freshman in high school. Horses! I started at the field goal line of the football field and sprinted to the goal line, touched the goal line, sprint back to field goal line, touch field goal line, sprint to 5 yard line, touch 5 yard line, sprint back to field goal line, repeat until I've reached the far field goal line. Talk about a kick ass workout!!!! It ended up being a total of 1.64 miles!!! I did it in 14:08. I was pretty beat afterwards...

Thursday - 3.15 miles in 33:36.

Friday - off.

Saturday - off.

Sunday - Got up early and hit the track hoping for a good solid double digit mileage run and had to cut it short at 3.14 miles due to GI issues.

Total ended up at 15.8 miles and 2:36:37 worth of working out.

I had to cut my weekly runs short because the kiddos were in swim lessons, then no runs on Fridays for awhile because my beautiful little girl has started cheer leading classes.

This week, on the other hand, I will be able to get in some good weekly runs Monday thru Thursday and hopefully get something nice in this weekend as well.

Oh, did I mention the average temps all week ranged from 99~103?

All mileage and workouts were done barefoot. Gotta love this crushed gravel track!!!

Great run today!

Knocked out 6.02 miles this evening, and they were wonderful!!!

I don't know the exact stats on the run, but I knocked out the first 5 miles in something like 51:30, and finished the last mile with a running total of 58:XX... I really kicked it in on the last mile, an the last 400 meters I really pushed myself HARD, I glance at the Garmin with 200 meters to go and my pace said 5:03, at 150 meters out it said 4:40, and I still picked up speed! I don't know what I peaked out at, but it's always a blast to knock the brake dust off and just let go and let your body take over.

I did 6.03 Tuesday and it kicked my ever loving ass... BUT, it was VERY hot outside, today was still upper 90's with lower 100's heat index, but there was an occasional breeze that felt great.

I had to take yesterday off on account of working over at work, and tomorrow is Friday, so we will have cheer leading practice to attend to. My next run will be Saturday morning with, hopefully, another one following on Sunday morning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New track, new options!

The track I normally run at is a synthetic rubber track located behind a middle school that's near where I work. A few weeks ago they began re-paving it, so I was force to find somewhere else to do my running.

I tried a local park that has a 1/2 mile paved walking path encircling it, but it was somewhat crowded an the north half reeked heavily of duck shit. Nasty things...

After asking around I discovered that there is a practice track behind the high school which is a few miles down the road.

So I go check it out...


It's summertime still, so there's very little traffic. Great! It's a cheap practice track, so it's made of small little red pebbles that have been ground over the years into smaller particles almost like dust. These small rock particles do a great job at reflecting off the heat from the sun (which is currently attempting to fry everyone's ass), so I can run on it barefoot, another HUGE plus!!!

There's also 2 practice football fields, a set of monkey bars, and a little dip station. Best of all these extra items is a crap ton of very large tractor tires just begging to be flipped end over end.

So far I've ran around 18 miles there, all barefoot in temps well over 100 degrees. I've flipped a large tire a few times (enough so that 3 days later my forearms are sill sore). And today I also added a full set of horses to the end of my work out. I wasn't aware that a full set of horses equaled out to be over a mile and a half of running!!! Talk about a killer workout!

I took some pictures. Due to my new blogger app (which sucks!) all my posted pics get added to the bottom of my posts... Grrr... The tire pictures isn't actually out at the track, but it's very close to what I've been flipping.