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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week of 8/6 - 8/12. Damn batteries!!!!

Had a decent week this week.

Monday - Little cross training action. Ran 2.11 mile warm up in 18:39, then I grabbed my tire and did 130 yards of flips, 130 yards of forward sprints, 130 yards of backwards sprints. Twice. The first set was done in 4:24, second set took 4:42. Both were a bitch. I wrapped it all up with a 2.12 mile cool down for a total workout of 4.58 miles and 47:53.

Tuesday - 6.01 miles in 1:03:15 or a 10:32 pace. This run wasn't too bad feeling, it was around 100-101 outside, plus heat index, but for some reason I felt like a sack of hammered dog shit that night. I felt like I had over heated or something.

Wednesday - I worked late at work.

Thursday - 6.04 miles in 59:18, a 9:49 pace. It was 103 plus heat index this day, so much hotter than it was Tuesday. But I felt great the whole time! Strange how that works.... Must have been something I ate? Maybe? Maybe I was dehydrated? Who knows!

Friday - Cheerleading practice. My daughter is so cute!

Saturday - woke up early to get in a good run in on Hwy 421. Hoping for 10~15 miles. Got to the gas station and realize I left my Garmin at home ON THE CHARGER, so I drove back to get it. I then decided to just run at the track by my house. Things were going good, although I was in a slightly sour mood for having forgot my Garmin at first. The first 3 miles click by pretty good, then I realize I hadn't heard my Garmin in awhile, so I check it.... It's dead. WTF!!?!???? This totally killed the mood... I finished my lap and drove home Unsatisfied and upset. I only logged 3.47 miles in 33:40 (9:42 pace). Very disappointing.

Totals for the week were 20.10 miles, 3:24:06 and 2,908 calories.

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