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Thursday, August 23, 2012

This should be interesting.

I wake up at 4:00 every morning to go to work (unless it's the weekend
and I'm either still slightly inebriated or hung over).

Today was no different... At first.

I got to work and big boss man (literally BIG! He still holds Texas
high school power lifting records, 14 years later...) tells me that I
will be working the night shift, 6:30PM - 7:00AM Friday night. That's
cool, I guess? I normally get off at 3:00 in the evenings, so I had
planned on getting in my normal "hot as balls" evening run in, maybe 5
or 6 miles or so.

Wait! Change of plans, I need to stay late tonight and still come in
tomorrow for the night shift.

Great! Less time away from work to worry about falling asleep!

So now it's 10:40PM Thursday night an d I need to stay up till around
5:00AM before going to sleep. So 25 hours of being awake.... Alone....
Tired.... And bored.

I think I'll try my hand at what I like to think of as "running while
really really tired in the middle of the night for a few hours because
I can't stay awake any other way and I need to learn how to do it
anyway" training.

Wish me luck!

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