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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great run today!

Knocked out 6.02 miles this evening, and they were wonderful!!!

I don't know the exact stats on the run, but I knocked out the first 5 miles in something like 51:30, and finished the last mile with a running total of 58:XX... I really kicked it in on the last mile, an the last 400 meters I really pushed myself HARD, I glance at the Garmin with 200 meters to go and my pace said 5:03, at 150 meters out it said 4:40, and I still picked up speed! I don't know what I peaked out at, but it's always a blast to knock the brake dust off and just let go and let your body take over.

I did 6.03 Tuesday and it kicked my ever loving ass... BUT, it was VERY hot outside, today was still upper 90's with lower 100's heat index, but there was an occasional breeze that felt great.

I had to take yesterday off on account of working over at work, and tomorrow is Friday, so we will have cheer leading practice to attend to. My next run will be Saturday morning with, hopefully, another one following on Sunday morning.

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