Stomp of Approval!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Run Carnage Report...

Well... I didn't make it the full 29 miles like I had hoped to, but I did run a very, VERY hilly 24.

I also learned a very valuable lesson early on in my run. Shit happens... especially when you down a probiotic drink right before you start running! Thank God for porta potties! If there wasn't a house being built 30 down a intersecting road this story would have a very shitty ending. Pun quite intended!

I haven't posted about my new favorite drink, Kombucha with Chia seeds. Mmmm... more on that in a post to come.

But any who... it was a very good run, a great way to spend my birthday! Then to make my day even better! My awesome wife and mother in law cooked one of my favorite meals! Fried eggs and bacon sandwiches... Mmmmm Mmmmm!!! Topped that off with a massive glass of chocolate milk!

Perfect way to end a really good day! Well.... there's some special mommy daddy time to hopefully end it later on, but that's not going to be discussed here!