Stomp of Approval!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Switching Gears

I'm changing things up a little bit right now. My focus right now is on cycling.

My wife and I signed up for the BP MS150 the other day. For those unfamiliar with the MS150, it's a charity race to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis that goes from Houston to Austin, which is approximately 150 miles. I did get a new bike a few months ago, a Quintanna Roo Caliente tri bike. I've ridden it twice...

We also just purchased a Cannondale Synapse road bike for my wife, and it's pretty freaking sweet!

The ride isn't until April, so we've got 3 months to prepare to cover 150ish miles in just 2 days.

I'm excited!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not running yet.

Thanks to this inner cleanse that I'm currently taking, I'm holding off on running until after its finished running its own course.

It's a 15 day cleanse. 6 pills in the morning, 6 pills in the evening, and a lot of shitting everywhere in between... A lot...

And it's not like your everyday "Oh, I need to go poop!" It's more like "I think I need to fart, but I'm not trusting it. I better get to a bathroom NOW!"


At least I'm over half way. I've lost a good amount of weight. Somewhere around 8 pounds since the start. I've also started back on the Makers Diet in combination with the cleanse, so it's sort of a double whammy right now to my gastro intestinal track.

But as soon as this is all over, and my daily bowel movements are back to normal (or at least controllable!!!) I plan on running my not so fat ass off again! Weekend long runs included!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I've come up with a small list of "resolutions" for the new year.

1)  Be a better father to my children.

2)  Be a better husband to my wife.

I don't feel like I'm a bad husband or father, I just want better for my family!

3)  Keep running. After remodeling our old house, moving, and changing jobs 3 times last year I spent a lot of time not being active, and that Shit SUCKS!!!

4)  Run another ultra. I don't care if it's a 50K, I want to run another ultra.

5)  Lose weight, and don't find it again. I'm already down 6.something pounds this year thanks to eating right again. Hopefully after getting our own place we will be able to keep eating right and keep the weight off long term. I'm tired of people giving me funny, disbelieving looks when I tell them I enjoy going for 20 Mile runs on the weekends because I have a pronounced gut.

6)  Ride my new bike more. Hell, ride my new bike period! I'm wanting to ride in the MS150 this year, and I want to do an Iron Man at some point, so cycling and swimming are a must!

7)  Meh... 6 Resolutions are good enough I guess.