Stomp of Approval!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post turnaround plan #2......


I have got to loose some freggin weight! My goal is to loose 30 pounds. I was down to something like 180.3 at my lightest in 2012, now I'm 20 pounds heavier and I can feel the difference. At 180 I felt good, light and agile like a damn cheetah or something. Things felt right!

At 200 pounds I feel more like a lazy dogs in the summer. I don't even want to bark cause it would use up too much energy. I just want to eat and sleep..... And I don't want to eat healthy shit either, I want processed carbs (aka the devil) which only makes matters worse!

Luckily my awesome mother in law got me a kick ass blender for my birthday!!! Now I can go back to eating my delicious green sludge smoothie things!!

The new blender is called a "Ninja" blender! Sounds pretty sweet huh? Check out the pics below to see just how sweet this beast is! Im pretty sure I could add golf balls to my smoothies and never even notice!

That's right, 6 blades of cutting fury slicing up any and all veggies thrown their way! It's got a 48 ounce canister, and is operated via the pulse button on the lid. Luckily if I ever forget to remove my finger from the pulse button, the owners manual instructs me on how to turn it off..... Really? They had to be laughing their asses off when they put that in there.... I know I would have been!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post turn around plans....

Ok, so provided that this turn around ever ends (doubtful!), these are my plans. I will detail each plan in separate posts because A) they will be boring and B) I don't have the time to write it all out at once.

So here goes.

- Start running again.
Gotta start off small and work my way back up. I can hop out on the track after 3~4 months off and expect to knock out 20, 15, 10, or even 3 miles without some type of retaliation from my body. I plan on starting all over from scratch like I did when I first picked up running barefoot, starting with .25 miles, skip a day, .25 miles, skip a day, .5 miles, skip a day, .5 miles, .5 miles, etc etc until I'm back around 10 miles. At that point I feel I can start making larger jumps. Like from 10 to a 15 or 16 mile long run, then to a 22 or so long run. From 22 miles I think I could jump to whatever distance I want really.

I'm also going to add in more speed work. Instead of going out and running 5~6 miles at a decent pace every day after work, I'll dedicate a day or 2 to speed work. I enjoy running balls to the wall just as much as my long slow runs, so why not mix it up some? I'll have to wait a month or 2 before I add in these speed work days so that my feet will become re-accustomed to running again.

I also want to try to run the big bridge more often. Maybe once a week. I know I need some serious "hill" work, maybe ill look for a good parking garage too!

My goal is to get back into it and do another ultra by December 2013. Hopefully at least a 100K....