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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post turn around plans....

Ok, so provided that this turn around ever ends (doubtful!), these are my plans. I will detail each plan in separate posts because A) they will be boring and B) I don't have the time to write it all out at once.

So here goes.

- Start running again.
Gotta start off small and work my way back up. I can hop out on the track after 3~4 months off and expect to knock out 20, 15, 10, or even 3 miles without some type of retaliation from my body. I plan on starting all over from scratch like I did when I first picked up running barefoot, starting with .25 miles, skip a day, .25 miles, skip a day, .5 miles, skip a day, .5 miles, .5 miles, etc etc until I'm back around 10 miles. At that point I feel I can start making larger jumps. Like from 10 to a 15 or 16 mile long run, then to a 22 or so long run. From 22 miles I think I could jump to whatever distance I want really.

I'm also going to add in more speed work. Instead of going out and running 5~6 miles at a decent pace every day after work, I'll dedicate a day or 2 to speed work. I enjoy running balls to the wall just as much as my long slow runs, so why not mix it up some? I'll have to wait a month or 2 before I add in these speed work days so that my feet will become re-accustomed to running again.

I also want to try to run the big bridge more often. Maybe once a week. I know I need some serious "hill" work, maybe ill look for a good parking garage too!

My goal is to get back into it and do another ultra by December 2013. Hopefully at least a 100K....

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  1. Good luck! I hope to have a pre race meal with you at a restaurant in an old strip mall at some point in 2013.