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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week of 7/30 - 8/5

Last week was somewhat interesting. I tried a few new things that I enjoyed, mainly tire flipping. I hope to do some more tire workouts and make a post about it.

Here's how my week went down.

Monday - 1 mile warm up @ 10:00 pace, 30 tire flips, 130 yard sprints (X 3), 130 yard sprint backwards (X 1), 30 tire flips, 130 yard sprints (X 3), and another 130 yard sprint backwards.
-Pretty good workout! I was winded as I was only taking very small breaks, and I could feel the burn from the addition of tire flipping and backwards sprinting in my quads big time.

Tuesday - 4.25 miles in something around 40:30, not exactly sure on either distance or time as I had forgotten my Garmin at home for the second day in a row.... Grrrr...

Wednesday - another day with some new activities!!! I did 2.03 mile warm up in 19:13, then did something I haven't done since I was a freshman in high school. Horses! I started at the field goal line of the football field and sprinted to the goal line, touched the goal line, sprint back to field goal line, touch field goal line, sprint to 5 yard line, touch 5 yard line, sprint back to field goal line, repeat until I've reached the far field goal line. Talk about a kick ass workout!!!! It ended up being a total of 1.64 miles!!! I did it in 14:08. I was pretty beat afterwards...

Thursday - 3.15 miles in 33:36.

Friday - off.

Saturday - off.

Sunday - Got up early and hit the track hoping for a good solid double digit mileage run and had to cut it short at 3.14 miles due to GI issues.

Total ended up at 15.8 miles and 2:36:37 worth of working out.

I had to cut my weekly runs short because the kiddos were in swim lessons, then no runs on Fridays for awhile because my beautiful little girl has started cheer leading classes.

This week, on the other hand, I will be able to get in some good weekly runs Monday thru Thursday and hopefully get something nice in this weekend as well.

Oh, did I mention the average temps all week ranged from 99~103?

All mileage and workouts were done barefoot. Gotta love this crushed gravel track!!!

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