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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New track, new options!

The track I normally run at is a synthetic rubber track located behind a middle school that's near where I work. A few weeks ago they began re-paving it, so I was force to find somewhere else to do my running.

I tried a local park that has a 1/2 mile paved walking path encircling it, but it was somewhat crowded an the north half reeked heavily of duck shit. Nasty things...

After asking around I discovered that there is a practice track behind the high school which is a few miles down the road.

So I go check it out...


It's summertime still, so there's very little traffic. Great! It's a cheap practice track, so it's made of small little red pebbles that have been ground over the years into smaller particles almost like dust. These small rock particles do a great job at reflecting off the heat from the sun (which is currently attempting to fry everyone's ass), so I can run on it barefoot, another HUGE plus!!!

There's also 2 practice football fields, a set of monkey bars, and a little dip station. Best of all these extra items is a crap ton of very large tractor tires just begging to be flipped end over end.

So far I've ran around 18 miles there, all barefoot in temps well over 100 degrees. I've flipped a large tire a few times (enough so that 3 days later my forearms are sill sore). And today I also added a full set of horses to the end of my work out. I wasn't aware that a full set of horses equaled out to be over a mile and a half of running!!! Talk about a killer workout!

I took some pictures. Due to my new blogger app (which sucks!) all my posted pics get added to the bottom of my posts... Grrr... The tire pictures isn't actually out at the track, but it's very close to what I've been flipping.


  1. I've been wanting a tractor tire but the wife says there is no room for one....

  2. They are big, and require a large amount of room to actually use. 30 flips took a pretty good distance... I plan on doing a few different activities with the tires and making a post dedicated to just that.