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Sunday, July 22, 2012

1 week on green(ish) smoothies!

So far so good! I started off this week weighing in at 196.4 pounds. This is not acceptable! Before Rocky Raccoon earlier this year I had gotten down to 180.1, but never reached my goal of sub 180.

Obviously I have been slacking lately in both the running and dieting departments, but it's not from a lack of want! I've just been real busy with work and family stuff, so running has been put on the back burner.

I decided to do what worked for me back before RR again and started making up some green smoothies using fruits and veggies. I was using these as a breakfast replacement back then, now they have become a brekky and lunch replacement. And with good results.

Here's the drinks in the order they were drank, or drunk... Though never inebriated.



Wednesday (came out a little purple, result of overdoing it on the blueberries...)




Sunday (again with the blueberries!)

So, how do they taste? Freggin delicious!!!!! Very very good! Fresh, sweet, light, and quote healthy! It took till Friday before my energy levels leveled out and I wasn't feeling like a sloth all day. Now I'm feeling quite energetic!

PLUS, despite only getting in 3 pathetic runs this week, totaling an even more pathetic 8.25 miles, I've managed to loose 3.5 pounds, putting me at 192.9 this (Sunday) morning!

Now if I can only get a break from work and maybe get in some half ass decent quality runs I would be good to go!

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