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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apparent Temperatures...

Ive seen this posted around work areas numerous times at work around this time of year.

Its an index to give you the Apparent Temperature based on air temp and humidity.

Personally, although I find it very interesting, I think its a load of shit (like most things produced by OSHA)... I just dont think these numbers are truely realistic...

For Example.

The other day it was 115 degrees outside based off the cars thermometer.

And according to my handy dandy Weather Bug app, I read that it was also 46% relative humidity outside.

So that gives me an apparent temperature of... Well... Its off the chart, but probablly in the area of 160 degrees plus.

Most of my runs lately have been in temps ranging from 95~105, with humidity hovering around 60%. That means that my runs are done in apparent temperatures of 114~149 degrees.

Now, dont get me wrong here. Its HOT outside, but it doesnt feel like its 150 degrees outside. How would I know what 150 degrees feels like? Ive worked in it. Back when I was working as a storage tank inspector I worked in dozens of tanks where the ambient air temps inside were well over 120, and once where it was 148. That was an actual mercury thermometer measurement. Im not sure how far I could have ran in there, but I can still distinctly remember just how hot it was in there, and that was almost 4 years ago...

But, regardless, this chart is nice to reference back to come winter time when Im complaining about how "cold" it is...

Oh, as an interesting side note, I have the most amazing and beautiful wife in the world! Not a day goes by where Im not im awe of her supreme awesomeness!!!

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