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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I think there's something wrong with me...

Ok, I have an eating disorder.... Really. I can't seem to stop myself from eating shit that I know I shouldn't be eating. It's like a crack addict, but with sweets. If you put a line of crack in front of a crack head, guess what happens? The crack disappears! Put a line of brownies in front of me and guess what happens? I GET FATTER!!!

The bad things is that I know what's going to happen before I even start doing it. I know right now that if I go eat ice cream, not only will I get fatter, but I will have an upset stomach and feel like hammered shit for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow. It happens without fail every single time.

Yet, I can almost guarantee you that before this week is over I will eat some type of cold dairy product with lots of sugar and chocolate flavoring added.

Why? I'm not sure. The 3 minutes of of pleasure isn't worth the several hours (potentially weeks) of suffering that always results. I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but I don't enjoy making things harder for myself. Do I?

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