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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I just dont get it!

My calf issue has become quite a conondrum here lately.

They have been giving me problems for several weeks now with tightness issues. Then, 2 Saturdays ago, they acted fine and I ran an overly enjoyable 10 miles with the last few miles at an increased pace.

Everything felt great!!!

Then, that Sunday, I was brought to a halt at a little under 3 miles. The rest of the week was much the same, with one run being aborted at just over a mile in! This Sunday I attempted another long run and had to stop at 3 miles.

That leaves today. It rained all day today, but I was hell bent on attempting to get a run in. It was really coming down on the way to the track after work, so hard that traffic was slowed to a creep due to lack of sight.

Perfect!!! I love running in rain, especially storms and torrential down pours!

But by the time I got to the track, all the clouds had done wrung themselves dry. There was a light mist falling, but not enough to really even notice. Luckily the track was wet and cold, just how I like it!

So I figured I would try to get in a mile or two before the calves locked up on me.

One mile in. Ok, calves feel pretty damn good! Lrt me sneak off under the bleachers and water the diry real quick. Ahhh... Much better. 11 minutes and a few seconds have passed.

Mile 2. Still feeling good, but stopping to pee had affected the legs a little. Their not tight, but their not feeling as loose as they were.

Mile 3! Ok, legs feeling pretty good! Lets see if I can pick the pace up a little bit.

Mile 4. Man, why cant every run feel like this? Oh wait, they used to. Im feeling great! Im increasing speed with every lap and feel like Im unstoppable!

Mile 5!!! Ok, time to let it all go! Lets see what I got in the tank!

Mile 5.23... Mile 5 came up after I passed my imiginary finish line, so I did another lap, all out. Everytime I checked the Garmin I was under a 6:00 pace, and 2 or 3 times I was around a 5:15 pace. I felt like I was really hauling some ass untill I realized that I used to run 2 mile races at this pace.... Getting old sucks!

It was a great run! One of those ones that you just cant wait to go home and blog about! Hopefully things stay this way and I can get in some more quality runs this week and start back training like I should. Im really missing my weekend 20 milers lately...

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