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Saturday, June 30, 2012



10.04 pain free, calf problem free, hot and sweaty miles this morning!!!!!

I think this is my first double digit run in almost 2 months! Ill have to reference my running log to verify. BUT, I do know that its my longest run in over 3 weeks, and its the ONLY run where Ive had no calf issues!

What do I have to thank for this wonderfull blessing? Natural talent? Haha, right.... Some magic pill that heals all problems? Doesnt exist.... Luck? I have none...

No, I have a large chunk of foam to thank for my recovery... I think...

Thursday evening I decided to try running on a different surface, thinking that maybe the soft squishy track was throwing somethig off. So I went running around a park near my work on its half mile looped cement jogging path. 1 mile in and I was having major calf issues. So I drove straight to Academy and purchased a foam log roller.

Pretty sweet huh?

I simoly layed a calf across this foam log, pushed my body up with my hands so that my calves were supporting most of my weight, and rolled back and forth on the knots.

It lays horizontal, like this, while being used

It hurt like the dickens at first, but I think it made a BIG difference! We'll see how things continue to go.... Im not wanting to get my hopes too high here.

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