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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby steps

Starting over sucks!

It really really sucks hard...

Last month I slacked my way to a whopping total of 23 miles. My longest run was only 7 miles, and I only ran a few times. 23 miles! How can I expect to be a ultramarathoner when I dont even run the equalivent of a normal marathon in a months time?

As if that wasnt bad enough, my love of food collided head on with my lack of physical exertion and the two equated in an additional 15 pounds being spackled onto my midsection. Gross!

Then, ontop of all of that, just when I start TRYING to hit the ground running again, my damn calves decide that they havent been used in so long that they dont remember how to properly function longer than a mile without locking up on me. Geez, thanks alot calves! If I try to push through it my calf muscles get so tight that it cuts off circulation to my feet, causing them to get that numb / tingly feeling of being asleep. Every step feels like Im running on the roughest chip seal Ive ever encountered. So I have to stop and releve pressure from my feet (aka, sit my fat ass down) and loosen the calves up.

This has happened before. When I first started running barefoot my calves took awhile to get used to it. What worked then was a few things...

A) I removed all inserts from my shoes so that everything was as zero dropped as possiblle. Now I own several pair of zero drop shoes (Merrells), and with my new positiok at work I hardly ever wear my work boots since Im stuck at a desk all day.

B) Stopped stretching. I think this made the largest impact out of anything. I believe that yor muscles require a certain amount of elasticity, and that stretching as we have all been taught to do it only serves to remove that elasticity. This seemed to resolve the issue almost overnight for me back then.

C) Slow and small increases. I wasnt going out for 20+ mole training runs back then. Hell, I was barely going out for 1 and 2 mile training runs. Things are different now, so Ive just gotta take it easy...

4) Loose some damn weight! I dont need to be over 180, let alone 195 almost 200... Thats just me being a lazy ass and not eating how I know that I should.

So, in summary, I need to dial it down for a few weeks till the calves start cooperating with what the rest of my body wants to do, which blows...

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  1. Doom and I are pulling for you! Well, maybe he isn't, I just said that, but I am, well kind of...