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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fight the fat!

Ive gotten fat. Literally. Ive gained over 15 pounds sice I ran Rocky Raccoon. I think this is part of the reason Im having difficulty running again. Heres my scientific theorum to help explain my predicament...

Time off + weight gain = hard time running.

I know that seems complex, so heres a visual of my current physical stature.

Me, typing up this blog

Ok, so maybe its not THAT bad, but being up over 195 really sucks!

So I need to fix it, and in a hurry!

Starting today Im on a mission to not only loose these extra 15 pounds, but to go beyond and into the unknown!

My goal? 175.

Its going to be very hard to reach seeing as how I cant currently run over 1.5 miles without my calves turning to solid knots. Ill have to eat better err... Like I should be eating. Ill also have to saddle up and ride my bike more often...

In fact, I went for a 1.5 mile run this morning, then a 12 mile weak! bike ride, followed with another 1 mile run.

BUT, to make this tougher, it was rather warm outside. After showering off I hopped in the car and this is what the outside temperature showed..


Of course it cooled off a little bit after I started rolling down the road.

The temperature finally stopped dropping when it read 103... Yay!!!

Hopefully with my new eating habbits and more exercise Ill be able to drop the weight I need to drop and start training again. I cant get to 100 mile shape with what Ive been doing!

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  1. I'd recommend trying a small blue rumble roller on those calves. Expect some pain, but they work for me.