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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh Snap!

Boy, I got the suprise of my life this evening!

While drying off in the bathroom after showering I heard some strange noises in the bedroom, so I cautiously opened the door and was shocked!

Muther Freaking SPIDERMAN!!!!

I could scarcely believe my eyes! Spiderman was in my bedroom ready to rumble with Dr Octopus (aka daddy)...

So after wrestling for a few minutes (yes, I did put clothes on before commencing to wrestling) he wanted to show me how he could jump like in his movies.

Due to Spidermans lightning quick speed, my camera couldnt keep up. Peter Parker must have one helluva nice Cannon to catch his shots so good!

You can clearly see he is getting ready to fire off his web and swing into action!

Here he is again, quick on the move!

Spiderman then displayed some pretty sweet floor acrobatics which consisted of lots of spins and flips and twists...

One things for certain, the Williams household will sleep soundly tonight knowing that Spiderman is on watch!

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