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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New locations!

I tried to run at a new place tonight.

Normally the change of scenery, atmosphere, surface, and attitude are a good thing bringing new aspects and shedding light on opportunities.

This time wasn't like that.

At first I thought to myself "alright! This new city park looks like it might actually be a good place to go run!" They had paved (cement) a big loop that ended up being. Hair over a mile in length (3 laps makes a 5K), but as is typical in my little town ran by idiots they made the road / trail section LOWER than the rest of the area. Now when it rains all the small pebbles and sticks and sediment get carried onto the path and left there as the water evaporates. So the path was littered with those little bitty tiny pebbles that are scattered just enough to where there's at least 1 or 2 per step. After 1 mile I got back in the truck and drove back to my beloved and trusty figure 8 track and ran 4 more miles.

I do love that figure 8 track with its nice and worn asphalt that's usually cool to the touch. Just enough roughness so that it isn't slick, but smooth enough to feel like its molding to my feet as they softly land on its embracing surface.... Ahhhhh.....

I also have to say that since going on the Makers Diet I have noticed a HUGE difference in my running. There are a bunch of similarities between Mr. Rubin's suggest diet plan and Mr. Maffetone's suggested diet plan. So it's like I'm really getting the best of both worlds! Plus I've been dropping poundage quite consistently, making running even easier!

I'm loving getting healthy again!

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