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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cheat hour

So Mr. Ruben, the author of the book "The Makers Diet" says that if you are to cheat on your diet, do it all in an hour.

So we did.

In 1 hour we (wife, 2 small children, mother & father in law) DEVOURED 5 baskets of chips with accompanying hot sauce, green sauce, and queso, 12 flour tortillas covered with honey and butter, and I had a large taco salad. Afterwards I had a big M&M blizzard with chocolate and caramel from the local DQ.

All within an hour....

I feel like I could literally pop. My stomach is extended multiple inches and stretched beyond belief. I took in more calories than I have in the past 2 days in one single hour. I've been 9 days organic and natural, just to stuff gullet with everything I'm not supposed to have.

And for what?

No satisfaction at all. I feel bloated and fat and sluggish. I'm very tired, but I'm pretty sure I will be pooping my brains out all night long.

Totally NOT worth it!

It makes me wonder if cheating is like this on all levels? I mean, surely Tiger Woods had to have felt some remorse. He had a good looking wife, then he went and banged a million trashy sluts. There had to have been some feeling if regret there. Right? Surely at least Arnold Schwartzeneger felt like crap after he realized what he had done. I mean, geez, he had sex with a troll... Really, I think he got her into show business and she was on that new movie "The Hobbit" as one of the trolls that were trying to eat the Dwarfs.

I will not be doing another cheat day. Not for a good while at least. I had gotten down to 194.7 this morning. ONE NINETY FOUR point SEVEN!!!!! That's major from the 203.3 I was just 9 days ago. With the way I'm feeling right now I'm sure that ill be over 203.3 tomorrow morning...

The moral of the story...?

Cheating = not worth it!

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