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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend morning long runs!

The thing I've missed most about running consistently, aside from the feeling of general improved health, is my weekend long runs.

At work I'm constantly bombarded by a million different things from every angle. It's constantly "Chaser, I need a UT tech to check something out" "Hey, I'm gunna need a tech for about half an hour after lunch" "How are we coming on those injection point circuits?" "Have we finished walking down that EP feed line project yet?" "Had you filled out your daily update report?" "How are we on man power?" "Do you have somebody working on tank 83 tomorrow morning" "where are the Meridium reports for the monthly visuals that are due this month?" "Do you have someone available to go shoot the crossover piping on the Ethane furnace?" And so on and so forth with about 30 requests coming through my desk every day to use a tech, when I only have 2 techs that can be used.... Then I start getting projects pushed off on me from every angle as well. Things that were initially going to take place over the next year are now due within 90 days. Things that we were going to spread out over the next 3 years are due in 2 months. Now I've got to create a budget, inspection plan and a man power needs proof sheet so that I can prove that we are waaaaay understaffed so that I can get additional people in to start on a job that's already way over due because some one set up an imaginary bull shit time frame that's completely unrealistic because they don't fully understand what's going on. On top of all of this, we started using some new software that doesn't do half the things I need it to do, and the stuff it does do, I haven't been trained on yet but I'm supposed to know exactly how to use it... THE FREAKING COMPANY REP THAT WE GO TO WHEN WE HAVE PROBLEMS DOESN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE MOST OF THE APPLICATIONS IN THE SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!! Aaaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhsjhhcnfnslzoxbanakakanhahahhhhrrrrggrhhhhhhhh ..............

But at least he's a nice guy!

So my weekend long runs are a way to escape everything and just zone out. No real stressors in my environment, except for the fact that there are large, five thousand pound chunks of steel flying down the road at 70 plus miles per hour within feet (if not closer) of me threatening my very life. But I don't see that as a stressor, just something to catch my attention.

I haven't had a weekend morning long run in waaaay too long. It's been months, literally, since I ran a decent length of distance period, let alone an actual LONG run, and little to no running on weekends.

That changed this morning... Sort of...

I managed to get out of the house at 5:15 this morning just to discover that it was about 50 degrees and rainy with gusts of wind up to about 15 mph.

So I grabbed my sweet Adidas rain jacket and strapped on my new Vibram SeeYa LS's (since I had to run down my terribly rough chip seal road) and hit the road.

The run itself was pretty uneventfull really. The way out was with the wind, it was raining pretty good and I saw a whopping 11 cars in the 3 miles out. At the turn around it hit me. A cold wet wall. The wind was against me now, sending stinging rain directly into my face and bald head. So I naturally adjusted my lean a little forward to head into the wind without having to exert much more energy while keeping the same pace. I saw 13 cars on the way back in.

I managed to grab a nice 6.48 miles this morning. My longest run since starting back a few weeks ago by 2 miles!


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