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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Makers Diet

Starting Monday the 7th my lovely wife and I will be going on the makers diet in an attempt to regain the health of our long lost youth and loose some poundage.

What is the Makers Diet?

It's a diet that dates back to the earliest of civilizations that relies on real, natural, organic foods that are deemed "ok to eat" by God himself in the Old Testament.

Basically I'll be eating like a Jew.

There are 3 stages and a 40 day "experiment" to see how your body reacts to eating the way we were inherently designed to eat. The first stage is the most stringent, only allowing certain foods to be eaten in order to cleanse your body of all the bad stuff that's in it. I've done a few detox cycles using fruits and such, but no serious ones in a few months, so it should be interesting to see what kinds of hell my body will put me through as a result.

The second phase of the 40 day experiment allows some extra foods to be consumed. I believe some fruits are added back in along with maybe some dairy from cows. I'm not 100% certain of what all is allowed and not allowed. I've few it several times and just can't for the life of me remember the huge lists that each phase entails.

The 3rd phase allows even more variety. I think potatoes are added back in. I wonder if Oreos are allowed in the final stage...?

Luckily the diet strongly suggests eating Eggs. And I LOVE eggs!!!!!

My goal is to drop 30 pounds. That will put me around 170. To put this into perspective, the least I've weighed since I started running again (over 2 years ago!) was 180.3! I want to try to get 10 pounds under that. I feel at that weight I will be able to run at LEAST 5% more efficiently due to carrying roughly 5% less weight than I was at 180.

I want to try to stay on this eating regimen for the long haul. Hopefully my wife will enjoy it as well and will agree with me. It's hard to do a diet like this on your own. Luckily we will have a good support group since my mother in law is doing it as well!

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