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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week one of organic eating... WOW!!!

I can't believe it! Not only had I managed to eat organic this entire week (organic roast with veggies for Dinner tonight!), but I somehow to squeeze in 3 runs although it literally rained its ass off for most of the week a we were in Galveston Friday and Saturday for my daughters first cheerleading competition.

But what's most amazing is the result of eating how were supposed to eat for a whole week! I'm down 7.8 pounds in one week! I know it's not water weight, because I have been drinking more than I have been in the last few months. I've had no sweets, no processed carbs, no anything bad! Everything has been strictly organic and natural foods. And they have been very yummy!

Here are the runs I managed to get in this week.

Monday - 1.54 miles in 16:49. I weighed in at 203.0 this morning.

Tuesday - 4.23 miles in 49:00. I weighed in at 203.6 this morning.

Wednesday - Nothing. Weighed in at 199.3.

Thursday - No running, but I did manage to beat on the heavy bag for a little bit, do some jump rope (see the 6 minute post) and do some body weight exercises; push ups, pull ups and dips. Weighed in at 198.4.

Friday - Nothing. Went to Galveston for daughters cheerleading competition. Weighed in at 197.5.

Saturday - Nothing, still in Galveston. No weight in.

Sunday - 6.58 miles in 1:11:57. Great run!!! Weighed in at 195.8!!!! That's down 7.8 pounds for the week!

Ended the week with a measly 12.35 miles and 2:17:46 worth of running. Hopefully next week steps up into the 20 mile range with more than just 3 days of running.

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