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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1/28 - 2/3

1/28 - Started the weeks repeating trend by waking up at 191.6. Ran 4.00 miles after work in 46:51 at an average pace of 11:42 and heart rate at 145. Burned 581 calories. Good start to the week!

1/29 - Woke up again at 191.6.... At least I'm flat and not up!

1/30 - Woke up again at 191.6... At least I'm flat and not up! Wait...? Is the that movie "Groundhog Day"? I didn't have a lot of time after work, so I ran 2.14 miles in 18:24. This run was a little different in that I ran the first 800 fast (6:30~7:20 pace), then 8 slow (9:30~10:30), then 800 fast and 800 slow again. I ran the loop in reverse, and the back stretch was against head winds with gusts over 30 Mph. That was a killer!

1/31 - Woke up at 189.6 again. Snatched up a very pleasant 6.16 miles in 1:12:16 burning 868 calories. Average pace and heart rate were 11:44 and 145, respectively. It was an amazing run. Everything felt great and my form felt very fluid and easy. It's easy to get lost in a run at any time, this particular run I could have gotten lost in for hours on end.

2/1 - 189.6 pounds in the morning. No running.

2/2 - 189.6 pounds again. No running.

2/3 - Not sure what I weighed, spent the weekend in Houston for my daughters cheerleading competition. I know she loves these things, but their like torture. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter, and watching her get out there and cheerleading is definitely enjoyable, it's just the remaining 3 hours that I have to sit there watching all these other snotty nosed little girls cheerleading to the same horrendous song. It's worth it to watch Izzy though!

Ended the week with 12.3 miles in 2:17:31 burning 1,757 calories.

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