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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weeks 2/4 - 2/10 and 2/11 - 2/17

Forgot to update last week, so here's the past 2 weeks running logs.

Week 6

2/4 - Woke up at 188.9 pounds. No running, worked late.

2/5 - 187.6, worked late again.

2/6 - 187.4, worked late yet again!bin a training class all day and ate terribly.

2/7 - After eating poorly all day yesterday I was back up to 190.2 this morning, yay... Dan 4.11 miles in 49:07 at the park.

2/8 - 189.8. No running due to cheerleading practice.

2/9 - 187.2. No running due to sons birthday party. Ate several pounds worth of ice cream cake while at his party and had to make an emergency trip to the shitter very shortly afterwards. Note to self; no more ice cream cake!

2/10 - Only up to 188.7 after eating bad the night before. I think most of it passed straight through me. Ended up getting in 3.18 miles before my stomach shut me down.

Totals were 7.29 whopping miles in 1:27:52 burning 995 calories. Total weight loss at the end of the week was 14.9 pounds.

Week 7

2/11 - 190.0 in the morning. Not a good start... Ran a very good 7.04 miles around the high school track in 1:23:41. It was in the 60's and raining on and off. Everything felt great!

2/12 - 188.7, 5.01 miles in 56.52 around the track again.

2/13 - 187.5 weigh in. 6.25 miles around the local park in 1:12:16.

2/14 - Woke up at 189.4? WTF? Ran 4.11 miles in 48:42. For having ran 4 days of decent mileage for evening runs and I'm still feeling just as fresh as ever! No soreness of excessive tiredness, everything's feeling great!

2/15 - 186.7!!! Hells yeah! No running due to cheerleading. Thank God this is the last practice!

2/16 - 184.3!!!!!!!! Where did this come from???? Took off at 6:00 in the morning down my favorite running road. Unfortunately it was 37 at the start, and the sun wasn't up yet. My hands were FREEZING!!! Managed to stroll my way through a surprisingly easy 17.07 miles in 3:12:20! Very good, smooth, easy run. I did run on an empty stomach as usual on my long runs.

Totals for week 7 are... 39.48 miles, 7:33:54, 5,731 calories in 5 days of running!!! Not bad!

My year to date so far is 120.26 miles, 22:34:46, 17,266 calories and 21 days if running. Not bad, just need to start running more consistently with normal weeks coming in the 30~35 mile range and higher mileage weeks getting up in the 60's and 70's, if not higher.

I'm still running under the Maffetone method, and things are going great!

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