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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great... Just great...

Well after having an awesome weekend with successful back to back 20 mile runs, Im now injured...

My right calf was feeling abnormally tight again, so I decided to ice and massage it on Thursday (Thanksgiving) afternoon. Aftet icing it for 20~30 minutes I removed the ice and started massaging out the troubled area in my calf. The ice had left my calf and the outside of my foot / ankle numb and tingly. The numbness left my calf within 10 minutes or so, but the foot and ankle stayed numb....

Here I am, 7 full days later, with a foot that is still numb. I went and saw a Dr on Monday to see what was going on, and she was clueless. She said she thought it might be due to some inflamed muscles pinching a nerve, gave me a steroid shot and some anti-inflamatory pills and said to come back in a week or so and if the foot is still numb they would do some type of nerve map contact test thingy. The steroid shot helped some and I regained a little feeling, but not much...

So I posted on the BRS in the "Ask the Doc" forum about my issue and a user by the name of "Dr. Gangemi" replied that it sounded like I had strained my Peroneous Longus" and that it was inflamed, that combined with icing led to the nerve being pinched, and thus the numbness. He also said it sounded like I had an imbalance somewhere causing the strain on this particular muscle and suggested a few things it might be.

WOW! Dr. Gangemi is a wizard or something. After looking at some diagrams of the foot and lower leg muscles it appears that he was dead on the money. Unfortunatley he never gave any reccomendations as to how to rehabilitate the injury, but did give some good workouts to help strengthen the problematic areas.

Meanwhile, my foot is still numb and I havent ran in 8 days... I feel like Im loosing my mind!!!!! IM GOING #*@%!NG CRAZY!!!!!

If things dont start looking better pretty soon then it looks like Ill have to scrap my Rocky Raccoon plans... I still have 2 months. But Ill have to register here pretty soon....

So, my fingers are crossed, and my foot is numb.

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  1. I have no looming races, but I've only run once in the past to weeks (Turkey Trot thanksgiving morning). I have some sort of weird pain under the ball of my foot that will. not. go away. I'll see what the doc says tomorrow, but it has become frustrating to trade one type of constant injury from shod running for another from bfr. Not running is pissing me off.

    Oh yeah - Free Chaser!!

  2. LOL! Thanks for the support. I think if there were more threads about it something might happen. Although I am really enjoying the BRS! If your not a member, then you should be!

    And I cant complain too much. Ive been running BF for 14 months, and this is my first injury! Trumps my duration record for shod running by about a year, lol!

  3. With tendons I don't think there is really much you can do besides rest, relax and wait. You should try applying some heat because it will get the blood moving and help the healing process along a little faster and continue taking anti-inflammatory medicine.

  4. Yeah, I'm at BRS as Lomad (same as RW forums). And I agree with Bailey - heat is better than icing; When I figured that out, my earlier tendon pains lasted much shorter lengths of time.

  5. Ill try some heat tonight when I get home. Thanks for the input!

  6. Do you think the back to back 20s was tmts?

  7. Yes and no. I think it was an underlying issue that was futher aggrivated by the 20's. I finally went running again today (14 days later..) and I felt great for the first mile, then stopped to pee and when I started up again my calf felt the same tightness. Ive got a hot compression wrap on it now, so hopefully that will help. The numbness hasnt got down too much, but I go back to the Dr Friday. I should know more then.