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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Avacado trees

I like Avacados. Well, not really... I LOVE guacamole, but as far as eating an Avacado straight I just cant seem to enjoy it. Maybe I need to try adding salt or some Tex-Joy or something like that on top to make it a little more pleasant. So knowing this, plus the fact that Avacados are great for you, I decided to try to grow my own Avacado trees. Why grow my own trees when I can just go to the grocery store and buy some you ask? Because I want to, thats why. My hopes are to get to the point where I enjoy Avacados so much I can eat them straight. Lots of Ultra runners, including my hero Patrick Sweeny fuel themselves on their long runs with Avacados since their so chock full of calories and potassium.

I took 3 Avacado pits and partially submerged them in water and placed them on my kitchen window sill untill they grew a substantial root system. Then I took the pit, roots and all, and transplanted them into some quality soil from my burning pile in the back yard.

At this point I had 2 pits that started sprouting little stalks, and one that wasnt doing much of anything. It was like that for about 2 weeks so I switched positions of 2 of them, the ones on the sides of the window (east and west) and sure enough they switched growth patterns. The whole time the one in the middle continued growing. Ive since switched the two outside ones so that their both on the east side, thinking that there isnt enough light reaching them on the west side due to the layout of my house and back yard.

Heres a few pics of them, in chronological order...

Thats the bigger of the 3, which has been placed in the middle of the window the whole time. Its grown probablly another inch to inch and a half since the last picture.

This is the smaller one, I havent taken alot of pictures of this one either.

So if your planning on growing Avacado trees, my advise is to make sure you get plenty of sunlight on them!

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