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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Night Time Barefoot Trail Running!

Sounds EXCITIN dont it?

In all honesty, it really was! This took place about 2 or 3 weeks ago as a test run to try out the only headlamp I currently own. Being a barefoot runner, my vision is pretty important. It helps me determine what might be painfull before I place my foot on it. This is difficult to do while running at night as its usually dark, and I wasnt born with adequate enough nocturnal eye sight.... This is where a quality head lamp would be very usefull.
I used my headlamp from work. Its a "Princeton Tec", model "EOS II". I think its rated at 35 or 45 lumens and works great for what I do for a living. It is rated as a class 2, division 2 explosion proof battery powered device so I can wear it all over the plant, and the beam isnt a floodlight but instead more of a spotlight. So there wasnt alot of the path illuminated, just about a circular yard a few feet ahead of me. Its all I really needed to see since this trail was fairly easy to follow and all I was looking out for was roots. But on a longer run where mental fatigue would come into play I would want a brighter flood light, along with a good quality handheld.

I went and ran a part of the Village Creek trails that I knew contained some pretty rooted up areas from previous runs.

I ran the "Village Creek Trail" highlighted in blue.

I started just before the sun went down just as a practice run to snap some pics and make sure my headlamp wasnt going to bug the shit out of me before it was too late. I did snap some pics along the way...

The leaves are changing!

At the end of the trail you come to the swimming area, this is what it looks like as the sun sets....

...And then the sun set. Between the lack of sunlight and the canopy of trees covering the trail, it was dark...

This one is with the flash of my cell phones camera, which is actually really really bright...

Then I turned on the headlamp and started to run. I was able to continue at my normal pace, and could easily identify obstacles before it was too late.

Heres some pictures of some root beds as illuminated by the head lamp.

My last mile (of 4) was ran pretty quick (for me as of lately) just to see if I could run fast in trails in the dark. I kept a 7 something pace and it was a BLAST!!! My adrendaline was pumping, my eyes were wide with excitement, and I had a huge smile on my face!

Ill do a more thorough review of the headlamp I used on a later date when I have used it for a few longer runs.

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  1. Nice. I have a pretty cheap headlamp but it does the job. I also am usually out before sun up when I use it. Honestly. I use it running the hill country to flash at cars more than so I can see. Some of the nighttime wildlife probably won't care though.

  2. I usually dont need much in order to flash people, but I think were talking about 2 different things here....

    Have you ran a trail at night yet? I feel like a crack addict, I cant wait to get back out there!!!