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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dirty feet? Clean them up with Orbits!

Ok, so I dont really use Orbits to clean my dirty feet, or mouth. In factz come to think of it, I dont know that Ive ever used Orbits gum to clean anything before. Hell, I dont know if Ive ever even had Orbits gum in my pocession, let alone in my mouth!

But my feet DO get dirty, REAL DIRTY!!! Especially when I go running at the track, which is where the majority of my afternoon weekday runs take place. On a high school track of my old rival teack team back in high school. I say rival, but what I really mean is that they were the one team that handed everyone their ass on a plate. They had 2 guys, cousins, that were both sub 4:10 milers. The faster of which was my age, and knocked out a 4:04 his Sophomore year in highschool. These guys were studs to say the least.

But thats not important to my story, is it?

Running barefoot usually means that your feet are going to get dirty. Running barefoot on a black hybrid rubber track means that the soles of your feet will also be black. I wonder if other color tracks will yield different colors? Anywho, after running 7 miles today on the black hybrid track mentioned above, my feet were quite black...

This happens often, as I run this track on average thrice a week. Sometimes more. Ive learned that just plain soap and water doesnt do the trick, so Ive resorted to more advanced (and dangerous!) methods to clean my dirty feet!

Meet my new friend! Its a little hand tool thingy that has a handle and a cheese grater type of thingy on the end thats used to "shave" off the outermost layer of skin.

Heres the difference it makes. This is the before picture again.

Heres the foot I used soap on. And not just any pansy type of fufu soap, this was some hard ass, take your hide off LAVA soap. Its my preference of soaps.

And heres the other, cleaner foot. I didnt use any soap on this one, just straight cheese grated it for a few seconds.

It usually does get them a little cleaner, as I usually will scrub a little longer and use some soap, but my water heater crapped out on me as usual.

Oh, I didnt explain why I said this was a dangerous method. Well, this little tool belongs to my wife, and she wasnt aware that I was using it up untill she reads this. So now it becomes dangerous....

Wish me luck!

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  1. WTF? Why didn't you use some of that thar' aeroplane paint-stripping stuff instead? Mix in a belt sander too!

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  3. A possibly safer alternative: My grandfather sold tires for over 50 years and when he would come home, he'd be covered in tire dirt, esp. his hands. He used a nail brush and powdered Tide detergent and it worked wonders. Plus, it was probably safer than a cheese grater. Just a thought!