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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Injury follow - up, The root cause.

I started running again on Monday. It was only 2 miles, but I could feel my calf getting a little tight again. Then Tuesday I did 3 miles, and again my calf got a little tight. So while I was running Tuesday I thought about what Dr. Gangemi had mentioned on The Barefoot Running Society's "Ask The Doc's" forum regarding my injury being caused by a trigger point somewhere else, most likely somewhere around my big toe.

A few months ago (like 10 I think?) I had raced in a 5k in my VFFs on a very VERY rough road (the same road that ate my lunch a few weeks ago on a 15 mile attempt...) and apparently had stepped on a rock or something causig bruising and some tissue damage on my right foot, just behind my big toe on the ball of my foot. This area still bothers me a little bit as its a little tender. The area feels as if the tissue there has been damaged and if I probe around on it, theres a "crunchy" kind of feel to it. If I step on it wrong theres a poping kind of thing that occurs from weight transferring over it. All in all, it doesnt feel good.

So I started researching again, and came up with some pretty good ideas of what it might be, and posted again to the "Ask The Docs" on what I thought was going on. This time Dr. Andrew Klein came to the rescue! He said I was right, but was calling it by the wrong name. He said I have "Seismoiditis" (probablly butchered the spelling...) And gave me a few suggestions as of how to help rehab the problem.

In the mean time I think running BF might futher aggrivate the injury, so I might be in the market for some type of shoe with a little bit of pading to it... yay...

The moral of the story is that its awesome that Ive gotten to the point to where I can listen to my body and notice subtle changes in the way things are happening. In this case I noticed my feet werent landing the same, and that I was not putting ad much weight on the damaged area as I thought I had been.

A huge thanks to TJ over at the BRS for assembling the "Ask The Docs" forum as its been a life saver for many of us barefoot runners.

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  1. In Sept 2009 I broke the Sesamoid bone in my right foot tripping over a bouncy chair. Hurt like a bugger and was painful to walk for quite a while. The doctor said that I was the first person he had seen to break that bone (and only that bone). Took over a year before I regained full flexibility in that toe. That was before I started running though. Thankfully it hasn't bothered me since. Hopefully you'll heal up quickly and be back to barefooting.