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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 13, Feeling weak...

My last run was 14 days ago today. I havent ran in 13 days. I feel fat and weak and sick. Its amazing how much of an effect that running has on a persons psyche.

After graduating from highschool, where I ran year round for track, cross country, and for fun, I slacked way off in the running department. I had went from weighing 155 pounds Christmad my senior year of highschool to weighing 225 pounds Christmad my freshmen year of college. Now granted I had gained most all of my weight in solid muscle as I still had very defined Abs and a no fatty "pooch" or love handles. I was hitting the gym almost every day for 3~4 hours a day, and getting great results. I still ran a little here and there. When I got up to bench pressing 350 pounds I decided to time myself in a flat out mile and see where I was. My last timed mile had been around 4:45 or so, so I was expecting to be alot slower than I had been. 5:01 was my time. So I was keepig a decent running base.

After that real life kicked in. I had a real job to attend to, I was engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world, and we were (and still are...) trying to remodel our home. There wasnt much time for running or the gym. After getting married I moved to anothet job that required a whole lot more time, and didnt involve any physical activity. Then we started having kids, which as anyone who has any knows take up a whole bunch of time. Yet, although life was great in every way, I still felt like something was missing within myself amd swore that one day I would start running again.

Finally, after 7 years I got to a point to where I had time to start running again. 2 or 3 mornings a week I would lace up my expensive Addidas running shoes and run 1~3 miles before work. This was great! Except for the small fact that I could only run for a month or two before an injury would bring me down for a month. This went in for about 10 months and in the end the fastest mile I had recorded was a 7:37... Total upset.

Then I read about Minimalist and Barefoot running and decided to give it a try. Instantly I knew it was right for me! I was running 5 to 6 times a week and feeling GREAT!!! Life outside of running was going great as well. I had 2 beautiful children and an amazing wife who, although thinks Ive become even crazier than I was before along with becoming a healthy hippy nut case, supports and stands behind me in my running goals. Things were good!

So here I sit typing this on what is the 27th anniversary of my birth into this world (the term "birthday" bugs me, as Ive only been born on one day, not 27 days...) feeling somewhat bummed. I had a goal of running 27 miles today in celebration of the event, but due to this numb foot issue thats been postponed...

I know that this injury will pass and Ill go on running and it will become a distant memory and a valuable lesson, but it sucks in the mean time!

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  1. Happy birthaversary, Chaser! I ran yesterday (against doc's advice) because I couldn't takee it anymore. my foot is killing me this morning as a result. So as Bill Clinton would say: I feel your pain.