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Monday, December 5, 2011

My runners world issue..

So, since its now posted on Jim's blog I guess I should make a comment about the issue myself.

To cut to the chase (no pun intended..) I have been banned from the Runners World forums. Im not 100% sure why I was banned as I was never told I was being banned untill after I noticed my posts werent visable to other posters. So I emailed the help desk guys and one of the responded with the following message.....

Hello Chaser.

Your account has been blocked in response to several of your forums posts, which were flagged as offensive.

Kevin Knabe

Ok, so I have been banned. Well, what have I said that someone considered offensive? Why hadnt I been made aware that there was an issue? Do I get a second chance? I didnt have answers to any of this, so I responded with the following Email...


Thanks for the response. Is this a temporary ban, or a permanent ban?

Thanks, Chase Williams

The reply I got was rather surprising, mainly because of who it was from.

Chase, Except in rare cases, we no longer reinstate blocked users or otherwise spend time “managing” problem cases (e.g. by sending warnings, giving “time-outs,” etc). We simply no longer have the time.

So, blocked users are blocked.

Regards, Mark

Wow! Mark Remy personally addressed the situation! So I replied with the following message.


I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to reply to my question. It saddens me to hear the decision to make this a permanent ban as I have enjoyed my time spent on the forums discussing topics both related and unrelated to running. While I wont deny that some of my posts could have been offensive to others. I myself am very thick skinned and very seldom, if ever, get offended, so I can see how a small percentage of my posts could have been found to be offensive by other users. Althogh I have never once gone out to maliciously attack another user and feel that the vast majority of my posts have been both helpfull and benificial to the small group of regular posters on the Barefoot forum, along with all the newcomers as well. I offer encouragement to others and advice to the runners who are just starting out Barefoot in hopes that they can continue to run in a healthy manner without getting injured.

Regarding the few questionable posts that have been flagged as offensive, Im not aware of the qualtity involved but it seems that with almost 3800 posts in just a little over a years time it must be a relatively small percentage for the ban to have just occured. I also believe I could have made better judgment calls regarding my posted material in these few situations.

Having been a moderator on an internet forum in the past I realize that its not easy to please everyone and that many banishments are well deserved and please the vast majority of the members inside the community. On the other hand some decisions are somewhat frowned upon by the majority, and good people are lost amidst the day to day happenings and the vast majority loose out on good insight and input into conversations that they care enough about to partake in, and in most cases start. Im sure that you, as an author, blogger, and writer, have seen your fair share of such situations and can understand where Im coming from with this. Based off the reactions Ive seen in the Barefoot forum (my former "home away from home") I think that just might be the case here.

If your still reading this, then thank you for hearing me out!

P.S. Ill often find myself refering to myself in omnipotent 3rd party as well. Its very strange...

Thanks, Chase Williams

Im still (almost 3 weeks later) waiting for a reply...

It seems, based off a few threads from RW's barefoot forum, that there are quite a few people that arent very happy / in agreance with this decision. Yet RW doesnt seem to care too much about the majority that enjoyed my input, but more about the small minority that found me "offensive". I cant act too surprised though, it seems that their just following in the foot steps of our goverment. The idea of "no one offended" doesnt work because it infringes on everyones freedom of speech, which offends me!

All in all, it isnt a "bad" thing. Ive moved over to the Barefoot Running Societywhich is THE most Premire Barefoot Running forum in existance. Currently the site is a little jumbled, and a tad bit difficult to navigate, but it wont be that way for long as they are about to switch over to a different template / host / setup (whatever its called) that is SOOOOO much smoother and easier to navigate than either RW or the current BRS.

So, if your a barefoot / minimalist runner, or you want to be, come check us out at the Barefoot Running Society!

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  1. Forums like at Runner's World have a symbiotic relationship with users like us: Participants get benefit out of the forums, but the owner clearly benefits as well by creating an environment where people congregate. So our participation helps them, too. Why an org would go through the effort to ban someone and then not explain it is beyond me.

  2. I say Boycott RW Forums!! I am gone from there. The interface is kludgy anyway! It is no longer as funny without Chaser postings!