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Monday, November 21, 2011

My first double!

Well I did it! This weekend I ran my first back to back double. Saturday I ran 20.09 miles, and then Sunday I ran 20.13 miles. The physical requirements of these runs werent too bad, but the mental challenges I faced were pretty tough.

My last 2 long runs ended poorly with me aborting the run early. Once was due to a legitimate concern with my right calf feeling really tight. The other one was due to more of a mental defeat. I was slightly dehydrated and having problems keeping my HR down so I was concerned that pushing on would result in an injury so I aborted early. Im having mixed feelings about these runs, mainly the second one where I felt dehydrated. Did I do the right thing with cutting them short? Or should I have manned up and pushed through what might not have been anything at all? I guess thats what running is all about! Not knowing for sure when to gamble futher or when to pull out.

If you push on through it then you have 2 possiblle outcomes. The first is that its just a mental block and once you break through it you improve both physically, and mentally because you know what it feels like to hit that wall and break through it and you know how to handle it next time. On the other hand, if its actually an honest issue and you push through it you run the risk of getting injured. Then your set back both physically and mentally, nobody likes sitting on the sidelines...

Then theres the option of cutting the run short. You have the exact opposite results of what you would have experienced had you pushed through it. If you cut short you greatly reduce the risk of injury, but you loose out on futher physical improvememt.

I think the only way to know which option to take is with experience. If you hit the same wall, around the same time, on almost every run no then you either need to reassess issues regarding your running, or push through it cause its a mental block.

Regarding my 2 long runs, I did a little of both. I carried 2 liters of honey water with me, along with drinking a liter of chia seed honey water pre-run. This helped me to assure myself that I wouldnt become dehydrated during the run. Then when I did start hitting the wall I would close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath in and hold it for a second before exhaling deeply and imagining that I had just taken a short break and was just starting up again. Surprisingly, this worked out quite well! Im happy with the knowledge that I have learned a little more about myself and how to push myself futher in the future and continue to grow and improve as a runner.

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  1. How effective do you find the chia seed drink? I have made it a few times, but I am a rather new runner and am not running long enough distances yet to actually be able to tell.

  2. I think the main benefits to the chia seeds are improved hydration and extra calories. I dont think they provide any major boost in energy or some superhuman abilities like its made out to in some popular books as of late... Just order some (cold milled is my preference because they dissolve better) and try them out!

  3. What recipe did you use? I made some chia gel a while back and it sat in the fridge. Now I have a pound of chia seeds just sitting in the cabinet, with the wife asking me every few weeks, "are you ever going to eat these?"

  4. Ive found that if I use a higher ratio of Chia to water then its better. Too much Chia makes it too thick for me and its almost like a chunky, seedy Jello mixture that tastes like cardboard. I mixed 1.5 tablespoons of Chia in with 1 liter of water and I think roughly 1 ounce of Honey. A little more Honey would have been good too. Ive also mixed it in with grape juice as a morning drink, that was very good.

  5. Not too much into the Chia fanclub. I like Chia Fresca and I like eating the seeds raw but they aren't anything close to a "Super Food" in my book.

    However, Congrats on the double. sounds to me like you are almost ready for a fifty!

    Scooter aka Lavarunner