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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long run Saturday 11/19


After my last 2 long runs fell flat on their asses with me cutting the runs short and being picked up early both times you can imagine my satisfaction after completing all of todays "scheduled" 20 miles without any outside assistance!!

I was planning on sleeping in till 5:00am, then getting ready and going running. Instead I let my wife sleep in. This meant that I got up with the kids and took care of them untill she woke up. She deserves it! As much as she does for me its the least I could do for her. So this meant instead of waking right up and being on the road 45 minutes later, I woke up and was on the road almost 3 hours later. So I figured I should eat something, which I normally dont do. Luckily my grandmother had dropped off some Satsumas a few days before, so I had 2 of them along with the 1 liter bottle of Chia seed Honey water I had mixed up the night before and a half liter bottle as well.

I hadnt ran since Monday, so after 4 days off it felt great to be running again. Unfortunatley the effects of the week full of pre-Thanksgiving feastage was taking its toll on me. I was chugging along around a 10:45 pace and my HR was staying between 147 and 149 (its capped at 150) so I was a little worried, but my Garmin never beeped at me so I must have been doing alright!

I was carrying 2 liters of the Honey water I had made the night before, and was through 1 liter by mile 9 and was feeling really good.

Who peed in my water bottles??

About this same time I come across a little dog standing in the ditch eating from a small pile of dry dog food thats covered with ants. Great. This poor dog had obvisouly been dumped here by some douche bag, but at least they left him something to eat. So I carry on running and turn around at the 10 mile point to start heading back and there about 50 feet behind me is the little black dog I had seen a mile back. So hes now following me....

Around mile 13 I stop for my second pee break and the dog is still with me. This time I pet on him a little and notice he was nothing but bones, hair, and ticks. After pulling about 12 ticks off his head, neck and ears I notice he has a huge gash in the side of his face thats scabbed over and pretty nasty looking. At this point I start to notice how well behaved the dog is and tell him that if he can make it the 7 miles back to the car then Ill bring him home and take care of him temporarily untill I can find someone else to take care of him.

Within the first 1/2 mile I realize that this was a mistake. The dog was now running in the middle of the road proudly instead of running in the shadows behind me hiding. This resulted in 3 cars, 1 big Dodge dualie, and 1 18 wheeler (pulling a fuel tank of some sorts) having to slam on their breaks hard enough to lock up the tires. I kept yelling at the dog to get out of the road, and with all this extra stress my heart rate was sky rocketing and I was forced into a 12:45 pace with my HR still hitting 152 every time a car would pass. Luckily around mile 15 the dog had stopped at a house that had 3 dogs in the yard and was climbing through the fence the last time I saw him. So I turned the HR alert off and decided to pick up the pace for the remaining 5 miles. My legs were pretty tired already, but I wanted to push through the pain to show myself that I could do it. I think my last 2 or 3 miles were under 10 minutes each with the last one being pretty close to a 9 flat if Im not mistaken. It felt good to pick up the pace for once! And it helped me prove to myself that I can still run through burning and tired legs. I think this will come in handy when Im around mile 30~40 and know that Ive got another 10~20 miles left to cover...

I finished with 20.09 miles in 3:39. Not fast by any stretch, but not TOO slow either. I had me a big glass of chochlate milk when I got home for my recovery drink, and it tasted soooooooo good!!!!

So heres what worked and didnt work.

-1 liter of Chia Honey water before hand seemed to do pretty good.
-A few Satsuma oranges before hand also seemed to work nicely.
-2 liters of Honey water seemed just right for the distance / time I ran.
-So overall I would say my nutrition today worked out pretty good! No GI problems at any time and the Honey water never left a bad taste in my mouth like most sugary sports drinks do.

What didnt work.
-Running with a suicidal dog was not a good idea. It was so stressfull that my HR was skyrocketing, therefore killing my training plan.
-My poor diet choices the past week werent great either. Too much dressing, potato salad, rolls, and WAAAAAAYYYY too much Bananna Pudding (if there is such a thing...) All these complex carbs killed my fat burning machine, I think.

So thats Saturdays 20. My goal is another 20 on Sunday. Hope it goes as goos as the first one!

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