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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Avocado tree, revisited!

A long long time ago I made a post about Avocados, and how much I enjoy eating them. I did get to the point to where I can eat an avocado straight, no seasonings needed, and find it very enjoyable!

Here's the link to the original post. Hopefully that link actually works...

In that post I put up some pictures of my avocado trees as I was growing them. Well it dawned on me today that I haven't made a follow up post to that original post, and my avocado tree has grown... immensely!!!

Below are some pictures of growth of the tree, and is current residence in the corner of the back yard. I waited until we were settled in some where to put it on the ground. It's still a little skinny, and the leaves at the top are huge, so it's a little top heavy and flimsy.

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