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Saturday, June 7, 2014

An audience

I just checked the stats on my blog.


I actually have an audience!

I thought only maybe 5 people actually occasionally read this major load of bovine excrement that I write and post up here;

My perfect wife.
My awesome sister.
My amazing aunt, who is also my biggest inspiration and is one of the most amazing humans I have Everhart l ever met.

... and that's it...

but it turns out I was wrong!

Just yesterday I had 20 views! So either those 5 people kept coming back several times, or there are other random peoples visiting.

Seeing that there actually people taking the time to read my thoughts and idea makes me think I need to be posting better quality stuff on here rather than my typical "I'm fat and I ran 2 miles today" crap.

So, if your reading this, thank you! I'm not sure how you came across my blog as I don't have any social media outlets like one of them FaceBooks or a Tweaker thing. Just this blog.

If you find something entertaining, helpful or interesting please feel free to share it where ever you like, and then go have a mental evaluation performed on yourself...

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