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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Damn Sinuses...

I had to take this entire last week off due to sinus issues. I managed to get in a whopping 300 pushups for the whole week and I didn't run a lick...


But I am feeling better now. Starting tomorrow morning I will be resuming my running and push up routine.

I'm not going to set any particular goals for this week. Instead I'm going to start focusing more on getting in a higher volume of pushups in fewer days. So instead of shooting for 250 or 300 in one day, I'll shoot for 500 in one day, then take the next day off and try to repeat that. I think doing them everyday is a good routine, but I think I might benefit more from giving myself rest days.

On the running front, I don't have any goals there other than just to get my fat ass out the damn door and go running.

Friday my son graduates from Kindergarten... How did this happen?

Not that he's not a smart kid, luckily he took after his momma in the brains department! But I don't understand how he's old enough to be at this point already. It feels like just yesterday I was having to wipe his ass for him, now he's graduating from Kindergarten and developing into a great swimmer. Both of these things make me a very very happy and proud father.

My daughter will be gone for almost 2 weeks on a vacation with my mom and some of the extended family. I almost cried after dropping her off with my mother... She also took ate l after my wife and is intelligent on a scary level.

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