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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dusting off the cobwebs

No, I'm not referring to the same type of cobwebs as Drop Dead Fred was referring to.

Or even the oh so popular Gwen Stefani 90's hit song from the band No Doubt.

I'm taking about the cobwebs that have gathered about on my legs and in my lungs from not running over the past 3 months. Being fat and lazy and dormant for that long really allowed them to build up mighty thick!

But that changed tonight!

I just finished running an amazing 3.6 miles. And it felt... Well... Amazing!

I stated off at an easy relaxed pace and sort of gradually increased little by little. At one point I stared out on a long slightly declining well lit section of the road and saw a cat about 5 streetlights down. So i decided to do some primal style animal chasing type shit and just took off sprinting with the goal of not stopping until i was past the street lights glow. I checked my pace as i was slowing down at the end.... 5:56! Fork yeah!

Then the last quarter mile I set in mind to run under a 7 minute per mile pace. It gave me a nice little burn in the legs.

When I got home my wife made a few comments about how I must have enjoyed myself because I was grinning ear to ear. Then she commented about how bad I stunk.

Apparently shes never smelled the scent of burning cobwebs before!

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