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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Training Schedule?

I've never really followed a training schedule or a plan or anything like that. I always just kind of run whenever the opportunity arises for however long I have time for.

I find plans and schedules too... Controlling? I prefer to follow a method / theory / philosophy, and let the distances and times fall into their own places.

But I have decided that I want to go into Whispering Pines 50K READY!

So I came up with a "Schedule" (I use the term loosely because nothing is set in stone) to follow for my long runs. I will still do the occassional sub 10 mile run during the week, and maybe even throw in some other shorter runs on the weekends, but when training for an Ultra I believe that the slow long runs are the most important tools in your arsenal.

So heres my tentative "schedule"..

Weekend long runs and back to back runs are my main focus, so thats all I am going to list out.

Saturday, March 28th - 15+ miles
Sunday, March 29th - Rest

Saturday, April 4th - 15+ miles
Sunday, April 5th - 10+ miles

Saturday, April 11th - 25+ miles
Sunday, April 12th - Rest

Saturday, April 18th - 20+ miles
Sunday, April 19th - 20+ miles

Saturday, April 25th - 20+ miles
Sunday, April 26th - 10+ miles

Saturday, May 2nd - 25+ miles
Sunday, May 3rd - 10+ miles

Saturday, May 9th - rest
Sunday, May 10th - rest

Saturday, May 16th - 32 miles at Whispering Pines 50K!!!

I feel like this plan gives me some good back to back runs to get me running on tired legs.

Theres one weekend at 40 miles, one at 35 miles and one at 30 miles. I think that with those weekends I will have a good base of mileage to finish 32.

Some of these will be run on trails, some on hills, maybe even some on hilly trails!

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