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Sunday, March 29, 2015

15 Mile Long Run, Check!

Weekend #1 of my 50K training plan is completed! 

15 miles this morning! 10 of which were at a HR under 150, the last 5 were well over that... oops! My aerobic system apparently wasnt ready for a full 15 mile run yet. Around mile 9 it was very hard to keep the HR down.

I explored a few new roads in the neighborhood and saw some really fine houses! I saw a bunch of deer as usual too.

I usually see a few people either out walking dogs or jogging on my weekend morning runs, and this morning was no exception. Most people are nice. 99% of the time Im the first one to speak up and say good morning or hello, and generally people just politely reply. Occassionally I will get a barefoot comment, and very seldomly I will get negativity fired in my direction.

At mile 13 this morning, some old fat bitch blasted me with here negativity cannon.

There were 2 old ladies actually. As always, I smiled and waved and said "Good morning!" The nicer of the 2 women replied with "Good morning! Where are your shoes??!!" (That's the typical response I get) and so I laughed and told her they were at home some where...

Thats when the old bitch decided she would put in her 2 cents...

"Dont worry, you'll get old and regret it!"


I just laughed and yelled back "Well I hope not!" And kept on running.

WTF? Really. Hasnt this lady seen the movie Bambi before? IF YOU AINT GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!

No body cares about your old uneducated opinionated smokers coughing advise.

Totally crushed my runners high!

Oh well, reallu it's just whatever.

Next weekend is a 15 and 10 back to back run. Looking forward to it!

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