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Friday, March 13, 2015

How did this happen?

If you follow that link it will bring you to an orthopedic doctors website where he has compiled a list of 21 barefoot and minimalist running blogs and websites.

Along those listed are...

Ted McDonald, the infamous Barefoot Ted from the book "Born To Run". Basically, Ted could be held partially accountable for the explosion of barefoot and minimalist runners to emerge since BTR was released. His blog can be found HERE.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, the O.G. of barefoot running. Yes, Abebe Bikila might have been the "first" barefoot runner to make headlines, but that was a one time thing. BF Ken Bob is the real deal when it comes to running unshod. The Guru of barefoot running's website can be found HERE.

Jason Robilliard. Jason has been mentioned in my blog on several occasions. Of all the "big guys" that made the list, Jason is the only one I have ever seen in forums. A super helpful guy, a great runner, an esteemed author of multiple books, Co-founder of the Barefoot Running Society,  and the owner of the Barefoot Running University, Jason's website can be found HERE.

Then there's Anton Krupicka... Anton is one of the top ultra runners of all time. Although he is not a barefoot runner, he is most certainly a minimalist runner! With multiple wins in not only races, but championships, series and a nice list of FKT (fastest known times) he's got a pretty good idea of what it takes to run really far REALLY fast. He is one of my favorite Ultra Runners and from what i hear he's actually a very humble and all around cool guy! You can find Anton's website HERE.

So there we have 4 of the biggest names in the minimalist /barefoot running world along with some of the top Ultra Marathoners all in one listing!

There were others that made the list. Minimalist show reviewers, other runners, etc... But those 4 stood out the most to me.

Then there's one that really shocked me.




I'm a nobody! Hell, I'm not even on the facebook! How did they find my blog, and why did they decide to use it? My mind is blown!

I'm certainly honored and appreciative, dont get me wrong here. I just never thought that my name would be listed with some of the greatest runners of our time.

Geez... there's going to be some disappointed people visiting my blog!  I guess I need to start posting up some more good stuff!

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