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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chef Chase-R-Dee...

I'm not much of a chef.

Although I did hold down a job as a chef in a fine dining establishment (Dairy Queen) while I was in high school, historically I haven't ever cooked. Not really ever for myself, and only once or twice for my family in my 8 years of martial bliss.

But that has changed lately.

Since moving into our new house I have decided that I need to both learn how to cook, and cook.

So I've been working on it.

I've got a few meals down pretty good so far!

I make a kick ass Mexican Cornbread dish (it's got taco seasoning in it, so that means calling it Mexican Cornbread ISN'T racist) that I have made twice now. I've made spaghetti a few times, and the family's new favorite dinner, Corn Flake Chicken!!! It's been a HUGE hit with my son who is allergic to wheat and so therefore cannot have any normal fried chicken. He also likes my side of mashed cauliflower! It's like mashed potatoes, only better!!!

Now, although I feel like I've been doing sort of alright with this cooking stuff, I wouldn't say I'm a good cook. Not even close! My wife is a good cook! No. Scratch that. My wife is an amazing cook!
As proof of my low status as a cook, I'm offering up the following picture of yesterday's wheat free (aka; gluten free) garlic bread AFTER the flames died down...

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