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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm walking thru the spider webs...

Well.... Running (more like slowly trodding, fat ass...) thru the spider webs, but that's not the lyrics that Gwen Stefani chose. So ya know.

I've went running 2 mornings in a row and came to the conclusion that whatever poor sap goes for the first run of the day gets the joy of taking out all the freshly built spider webs along the sidewalks and /or trails.

I'm that sap.

On top of that, my damn Map My Run app that I have been using on my phone keeps failing to save my course maps of my runs. The other day it just timed me and didn't say how far I went or my pace or anything. This morning it did all of that, but it didn't save my map or elevation profile although it was clearly all the when I hit the "stop workout" button.

Let's see what tomorrow morning holds!

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