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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another Map my ride app FAIL!!!!

Seriously. It's comical at this point.

I went for what is right now a "longish" run this morning and used both my Garmin Forerunner 305 and my Map My Ride app on my phone.

This isn't abnormal. I like to use the app to get my elevation profile along with a map of where I went. Although it's ability to accurately measure distance is about as good as my dogs ability to speak mandarin.

So after my run I compared the 2, and over 7.5 miles they were an astounding .6 miles apart!!!!

Now, I wish the map my ride app was the correct one because it said I ran over 8 miles compared to the Garmin's 7.5, but looking at the rest of the data from this last week of running I'm not sure what the app is doing while I'm running... Maybe it's still asleep at 4 in the morning?

I ran 2 different courses over the 5 day work week, a short one on Monday and Thursday and a longer one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. My app shows 5 totally different distances, and I dont know if any of them are even remotely close to being accurate!

And just to throw out another complaint in the end of this bitch fest of a blog post, I have to post all my pictures at the END of the post because the Blogger app doesn't allow you to place them in the body of the post. I could do this when I first started blogging on another platform with no issues using a different blogger app that isn't avaliable on my current platform. ANNOYING!!!!!


OK. That's all! Have a great day!

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