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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New running partner

I love animals.

I always have.

Where I grew up, people would dump their dogs by my house quite often. We had a lot of dogs growing up. A LOT...

My wife also loves dogs. (We're not really cat people)

My sister loves dogs as well.

My wife and I share a love for one breed in particular and have always wanted one, but their too damn expensive and not very common.

Well... I got a text from my sister last night with a picture of the dog I want saying that is a dumped dog and they can't find the owner. Then this morning she tells me that she can't take it (she has 5 dogs currently) and asks if I would be interested in taking it....

HELLS YES!!!!!!!

So, we are now the proud owners of a 3~4 month old, black, male Irish Wolfhound!!!!!!

His name is Sampson.

If your unfamiliar with the Irish Wolfhound, here's the gist of what you would be interested in knowing...

They are the world's tallest breed of dog

They were bred to hunt Wolfs... in Ireland...

They look like Werewolfs.

They're totally bad ass!!!

I've included a few pics below. He's the black puppy, the others are compliments of a quick Google search.

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