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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday and an injury review

I'm going to go for a run on Monday.

I don't know if it will be a morning or evening run, but I do know that it won't be very long. Maybe 1/4 mile at the most. Just testing the foot too see if it's ready.

I'm going to continue these small runs for awhile just to make sure I don't over do anything and get set back even further. And that's only providing my run tomorrow goes smoothly.

This injury has led me to think back on my other injuries that I've had since I started running barefoot.

My first injury was a dropped cuboid in my right foot, and the funny thing about it is that it was caused by me altering my gait while running in a pair of shoes (my homemade huaraches), so I can't blame that on running barefoot.

The second injury was an interesting one that took me out for nearly 3 weeks during my optimal training time frame for the Rocky Racoon 50 miler. I managed to damage my seismoid bones in my right foot. I think this can actually be blamed on being barefoot while doing bleachers. I would land with my seismoid bones right on the edge of the stair while coming back down. I think that knocked them a little out of whack. That coupled with running 50 mile weeks (that's high for me) and altering my gait to accommodate for the soreness on the inside of my right forefoot area inflamed a tendon on the lower outside section of my right foot. I actually had to call or quites 9 miles into a 20 mile out and back run and ended up getting picked up by a total stranger and given a ride back to my car. That sucked.


Well, that's it! Other than my current injury (500 pound pipe crushing foot at work) I have only had 2 bad strings there. If I had stuck with barefoot running (no minimalist shoes or cross training on bleachers) then I don't think I would have suffered any injuries at all!

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