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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disney World!!!!!

Wheels up in 3 hours for Disney!

This is our second time to visit the most magical place in the world! We went last January and it was a blast! But since I was in the peak of my training for RR50, I felt guilty for rating terrible the whole time. 

This time around, I'm already in fat ass mode. So it's no biggie! 

Once we get back from Disney we (me, my perfect wifey, and my awesome mother in law) have all decided to get back on the Makers Diet bandwagon and get back into shape. So starting 2 Mondays from now I will be waking up at 4 every morning and knocking out a few miles. Then in the evening I will either run a few more miles, or go swimming or weight lifting at the YMCA. And when I feel confident with it, I will start running to and from work a few days per week. That's a 14 mile day if I just run there and back. Not bad! 

So I'm looking at a good increase in my MPW (Miles Per Week), and the change in diet for the better. I should be able to whip my sorry ass back into good running shape in a good month or 2. 

BUT.... For now I'm going to go enjoy my family at Disney World! I'll post pictures of all the great food after were done!

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