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Monday, October 7, 2013

And it starts....

Geez! What return am I on now? 4? 5? Something like that. 

I really need to eliminate these large breaks from running. They kill me. There's always a legit reason for my months on end hiatuses (that is the correct plural form for hiatus, look it up!), from work to remodeling a house so that we can sell it and move, there's always been something. 

And I'm sure there will be several more "something's" come up in the future. That's life. But it sure does suck! Lol! 

Disney World was a blast! It's always fun to get away from the everyday hum drum of life and have fun with the family. I know I said I was going to take pics of my food... But I usually was about half way through stuffing my fat face before remembering that, so I got very few pictures. 

Speaking of fat face. I weighed in this morning at 197.1.... Eeek....

So I har some work to do! I'd like to say that I will be around 180 by my birthday, but who knows. That's 3 months away still, so it's definitely possibly. That only 17 pounds after all. A pound a week would pretty me pretty damn close. 

Oh, and I did run a smidge over 3 miles this morning at a new track that was just built a few months ago. Didn't really like it so I will continue running at the high school. 

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